Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Beautility Diary - DIY Lady Bird Nail Polish Design

My Beautility Diary - DIY Lady Bird Nail Polish Design

After my previous design "DIY Snow Flakes Design", I have bought more different type of Nail Art Brush and acrylic color as my design tools and I can explore more design without any limitation of nail polish color.

Step 1: As usual step, buffed nails and paint a layer of base coat.

Step 2: After the base coat dry, paint a layer of black color of nail polish.

Step 3: While waiting the layer of black color nail polish dry. Try to mix the chili red color acrylic (code: 230) and white acrylic color (code: 710). After that applied in to the half nails as shown above picture with the fan type nail art brush. You will see different tone of color.

Step 4: Once the acrylic color dry, you may use the round type nail art brush of dip into the white acrylic color (code: 710) and make a dot as above. You may use your creativity to design it. I have chosen yellow acrylic color (code:100) for my right leg and white acrylic color (code:710) for my left leg 

Step 5: Final step, applied a layer of top coat once the design dry.

Tips:  Applying top coat every 3 days able to make your design more lasting and shinny.

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