Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Beautility Diary - DIY Lady Bird Nail Polish Design

My Beautility Diary - DIY Lady Bird Nail Polish Design

After my previous design "DIY Snow Flakes Design", I have bought more different type of Nail Art Brush and acrylic color as my design tools and I can explore more design without any limitation of nail polish color.

Step 1: As usual step, buffed nails and paint a layer of base coat.

Step 2: After the base coat dry, paint a layer of black color of nail polish.

Step 3: While waiting the layer of black color nail polish dry. Try to mix the chili red color acrylic (code: 230) and white acrylic color (code: 710). After that applied in to the half nails as shown above picture with the fan type nail art brush. You will see different tone of color.

Step 4: Once the acrylic color dry, you may use the round type nail art brush of dip into the white acrylic color (code: 710) and make a dot as above. You may use your creativity to design it. I have chosen yellow acrylic color (code:100) for my right leg and white acrylic color (code:710) for my left leg 

Step 5: Final step, applied a layer of top coat once the design dry.

Tips:  Applying top coat every 3 days able to make your design more lasting and shinny.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Beautility Diary - DIY Snow Flakes Nail Design

Just bought a new tools (Nail Art Brush) for nail design. My design - snow flakes nail design.

My tools - Base Coat, Red nail polish color, Green nail polish color, White nail polish color, Shiny nail polish color, Buff and Nail Art Brush.

Step 1: Buffed nails. Paint a layer of base coat. After the base coat dried, paint a layer of shiny nail polish color.

Step 2: Use nail art brush to draw the red thin line using the red color nail polish. After completed the red thin line dried, continue the same step for the white thin line.

Step 3: Continue the same design on my right hand with green and white nail polish color. This nail design show the different color and same nail design with both hands.

Tips: You may try with each of nails with same design but different nail polish color. It depends on you that how you are going to design... design makes fun and trendy.