Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paul the Octopus - RIP

Paul the Octopus, who rose to prominence for his accurate predictions of Germany's matches, has died. "His success made him almost a bigger story than the World Cup". We will REMEMBER you forever.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Beautility Diary- How to wear a bra?

How to wear a bra?

Recently, My colleague (Anabelle) and I had a chit chat on the beauty of wearing corsets which linked it with a question on how we know that we are wearing a bra in proper method? Improper of bra can make you feel uncomfortable and tighter bra make lead to various sickness and cancer disease. Beside this, we also found that improper wearing a bra might caused your arm become fatter because our fat in between arm and breast suppose push it to breast, remain in our arm.

How to measure your bra size?

1. Undress completely on top.

2. Measure yourself around your torso below your bust. Add five onto the measurement to get your bra size (in inches). If the number it's  an odd number, round it to higher even number. Eg. 33 become 34. This is because bra size do not have odd number.

3. Measure for cup size, you direct measure your bust across your chest. To find a cup size use the chart below.

Tips : You won't know until you try it on your own. Each women have different that's why we have to try before buying any bra. Always remember, the bra size will change along your weight, age, menstrual cycle, pregnancy, etc. So it's a good idea to change your bra as soon as you realize that the bra is too tight or too loose.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Beautility Diary - How to use olive oil as your hair treatment?

I just had my hair cut from long hair to short hair on last Saturday. I really wanted to perm and dye my long hair but I facing very serious hair fall and dandruff problem and ended up have to cut it to short hair. According to my hair stylish, my hair fall problem might be because of stress and doesn't have proper sleeping and eating time.. Sigh.

With a few research about hair treatment, I discovered that olive oil is great not only for dry hair, it also make hair smooth, silky and shinny. With a regular use (once a week), you may see the significant results.

There are many ways on how to apply olive oil into your hair.

1. Olive oil with eggs

First, mix olive oil with egg yolk.
After mixing it, apply it onto your scalp and hair
Soak it for a while, at least 30 minutes and rinse well.

2. Olive oil with avocado

- 1 avocado (1/2 for short hair) - save the peel to use in another beauty formula
-  1 egg yolk
- 1/2 teaspoon olive oil

First mash avocado and mix with other ingredients, stirring thoroughly to combine.
Apply mixture to hair and allow it to remain for 30 minutes or longer
rinse it.